Online Casino Bonus Tips for Beginners

There are many fantastic casino bonuses out there for players to enjoy. Bonuses are a great way to gain some extra playing time on your favourite games and help you to win a few extra dollars. However understanding how casino bonuses work can be a little daunting for a beginner, and if you don’t understand what you are doing you may even do something wrong that breaches the casino terms and jeopardizes your bonus. Here are some tips to help you to understand how bonuses work.

Firstly the best way to manage your online finances through various casinos is to sign up for an account at NETeller. All casinos support NETeller – it is fast, secure and safe. There are no fees and you will be able to River Belle Casino manage your finances from one central online wallet. This is a must have for any online poker or casino player.

Once you select a casino and bonus that you are interested in completing, the first and most important step is to read the terms and conditions of the bonus. These terms are always publicly available from the casino’s website. If you can’t find them then contact the casino support for assistance before you make any deposit.

The terms & conditions can be a little confusing and overwhelming for a beginner, so take your time and read them slowly to ensure that you understand what you are reading. It’s vital that you do this yourself before attempting any bonus as casinos frequently change their terms (often daily) so information contained on affiliate websites about the bonus terms may not always be 100% accurate.

It is your responsibility to read and understand the bonus terms and conditions.

Items that you need to look for and extract from the terms include wagering requirement (WR), percentage bonus offered, deposit amount required, currencies offered, maximum bonus, type of bonus (cashable or sticky) and excluded games. It is a good idea to document these items into a Word document or Excel spreadsheet for your own reference.

When attempting a bonus you should understand the difference between a cashable and sticky bonus. Cashable bonuses you can keep once the wagering requirements are complete, while sticky bonuses are removed from your account once you withdraw. When you see “play bonus” in the terms, then this usually means that it is a sticky bonus.

Often the best approach to clearing cashable bonuses is to place small wagers on low risk bets until you clear the wagering requirement. However usually even money bets on craps, roulette, baccarat or similar are not allowed while clearing a bonus, so you’ll need to work out which allowable casino games have the lowest house edge. Usually this is Blackjack or Video Poker, but casinos may also restrict the use of these games to clear a bonus. So make sure you read the terms & conditions carefully to work out which games are excluded and which game you should play to optimally clear the bonus.

Always keep track of the wagers you place when clearing a bonus. Some casino’s software will track wagers automatically for you, but it’s a good idea to keep track of your wagers yourself using a calculator, so that you know exactly where you stand. You want to make sure you have sufficiently cleared the wagering requirement before you request a withdrawal as you may have trouble at some casinos if you request a withdrawal before completing the wagering requirement. If you are not sure, check with the casino support before withdrawing.

Finally be prepared to send in documentation to verify your identity upon withdrawing large sums of money from online casinos. Usually this is simply a scanned copy of your driver’s license, passport or utility bill to ensure that your details match your NETeller account details. Once they have your documentation on file then you won’t have to re-send again for future withdrawals at that casino.
Casino bonuses are a great way to extend your casino game play and your bank roll. Follow these steps to ensure you understand and comply with the casino bonus terms to avoid any possible problems and make the most of bonus opportunities.

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Online Casino Player Bets $5 to Win $1.3 Million at Bodog

Bodog Online Casino excitedly announced this week that they’ve launched another online casino player into the Millionaires’ Club after the player in question went on a dream run in the game Jacks or Better Video Poker.

The player, who wishes to remain anonymous, was playing from his Forge Cottage (England) home and placed a $5 bet on arguably the most popular Video Poker game of all-time, Jacks or Better. The player began with only a small wager, but his winnings weren’t small – a whopping $1,310,720!

One might think that the Bodog Casino owner, Calvin Ayre, would be disappointed at paying out over $1 million to one of his players, but this couldn’t be CasinoRoom $100 bonus further from the truth: Bodog Casino continuously aims to raise the bar with this type of entertainment and we couldn’t be more happy to make some dreams happen while we’re at it. For the player who likes a game of skill, a low house edge and the possibility of large wins, there is nothing else that can compare to Bodog video poker.”

The lucky English winner was playing $1 Jacks or Better and wagering 5 coins, which translates to $5 per spin. In Video Poker, you should always play the max coins as, when playing max coins, you have the chance to win the massive jackpots only available to players playing max coins. However, this million-dollar story is unique in that the player did not hit a Royal Flush to win the jackpot, but went about getting his winnings another way.

The player won $5 on a single spin with a pair of Queens. He then chose to parlay his $5 win into as big a score as he could manage.

Some online casinos prevent players from doubling up more than a few times, however Bodog Casino doesn’t have this restriction.

The British national went on a historic amazing run of double-up wins, doubling up 16 times in a row successfully, and finished his short gambling session and instant millionaire.

“I’m a gambler. I like to gamble,” the lucky player said. “I thought about cashing out after breaking $40,000, but decided to continue.

Then when I broke one million, I was tempted by the thought of doubling up on over one million dollars, but finally decided against it.”

Bodog Casino real money play remains available to all players worldwide, including US players. They have all of the most popular online casino games, and were ranked No. 1 by Casino Player Magazine this year for having the best customer service in the industry.

Bodog Casino are well known for their lightning fast payouts, which will make the Jacks or Better player we’ve been talking about very, very happy!

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